May 22nd 2011

So, how’s that rapture thing working out for everybody? I wish people didn’t have this impression that you need silly beliefs to live. You don’t.

Sweetening the pot

Disappointingly I still have no takers for my offer to take over property owned by people who genuinely think that the world will end on Saturday, so let me sweeten the pot a little bit on this — I will give you $20 right now if you will turn your property over to me Saturday

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Strange beliefs in the 21st century

According to people with overactive imagination and boundless gullibility the world is about to end next weekend. End-of-the-worlders never do learn, do they. Billboards, both static and rolling, have been unleashed to warn us about this armageddon supposedly “guaranteed” by the bible. I’ve even seen one of those around Montreal (in French) and must confess

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The Bin Laden Farce

Unless you’ve been living in some cave in Afghanistan for the past 10 years (harharhar) you’ve no doubt heard the news that on Sunday night Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted fugitive(tm) was caught and killed by US forces secretly working in Pakistan. Without a doubt it’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened

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