The crime is plain to see on video, yet no charges will be filed

When Ian Tomlinson was walking home on April 1st 2009 during the G20 summit in London, he certainly had no idea that he was starting on the last walk of his life. Tomlinson was assaulted by a riot police officer whose identity was concealed, and died of resulting injuries. The whole thing was captured on

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From the “dead to me” file — Technorati

I was wondering about the relative dearth of traffic recently, and had a look at this site with my adblock turned off. As it turns out this was causing the page to apparently not load; what was really happening was that the page did load, entirely, but then there was a sneaky call to a

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A taste from the past

Yesterday before getting on my way home I stopped by the Buy-Rite in Jersey City to pick up a case of cider for home. Naturally I looked for a case of Strongbow but all they had was a case of Magners, which really brought me back to the old days when I played pool at

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Ramblings, July 3 2010

I ate at Chipotle (and damned if I didn’t find it appalling that they serve that sheer volume of food and call it a single serving. Seriously, those burritos are the size of a meatloaf. After that it was noodles and fresh fruit for the rest of the trip.).

All told I spent way too much money from a budgetary standpoint. Not that I didn’t do that when I lived there, but this time it was more of a “when’s the next time I’m going to be in the US anyway?” and “I can make up for this by buying only the necessities next month” impulse.

Is Reddit on the path to decline?

For a long time I’ve been a member of, which is a fairly popular blog of sorts, but recently I’ve started to wonder if it hasn’t jumped the shark and entered its natural period of decline. I’m not usually a big fan of the whole “is this what this site has become” whines, and

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Well, that’s just his answer to everything.

South Korea has officially blamed North Korea for the sinking of the warship Cheonan, and now North Korea is mobilizing for war. So what would John Bolton do about it? WWJBD? Demand an aggressive restart to the six-party regional talks Bomb North Korea Bomb Iran Option 3 again. This is of course a trick question

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A reflection on Canadian banks

When I was a younger man in the IT industry there was one thing that always stood out for me — when I worked for a Canadian company, the graphics software that was pretty much always used was the Corel suite; when I worked for larger international companies we had the industry standards that people

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Online banking FAIL

TFSAs are supposed to be easy to open, but as I found out today it seems terribly easy to screw the pooch. So to ING Direct — fix your registration software because it doesn’t work. There is nothing wrong with my social insurance number — I have used it to register as an employee, to

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Adieu à Facebook

Après avoir eu un compte au site Facebook depuis quelques années, j’ai décidé d’abandonner ce fameux site. Le problème que j’ai avec Facebook c’est que le propriétaire du site, Mark Zuckenberg, ne croit pas que les utilisateurs devraient avoir le droit de mettre quoi que ce soit sur le site pour diffusion seulement privée. Ça

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More delivery company fun

I’ve often mentioned the strangely difficult struggle that is trying to get something delivered here. But today I’m in the middle of a story that makes even less sense than most. I’ve ordered an office chair because the one I have has certain bits that are falling apart. So I ordered one and it was

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