MB makes a value proposition.

This article drove down the street to http://ambitiousbutrubbish.com/2008/01/mb-makes-a-value-proposition-with-the-all-new-c230/… update any bookmarks you may have.

I can only hope it fails as fast.

A former dBase architect sees ominous parallels between Ashton-Tate swan-song dBase IV and Windows Vista. Looks like Microsoft’s much-maligned OS could in fact be the beginning of the end for Redmond. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Bill Gates has decided to end his day-to-day involvement in the company at this time.


I’m a big fan of the BBC show Top Gear. That’s not a particularly rare or interesting fact, but I also happen to be a fan of SOMAfm‘s Secret Agent net radio station, and while re-watching some old episodes of the BBC TV show I couldn’t help but notice that a surprising amount of the music used comes straight from the net radio station’s playlists. I’ve been watching one and listening to the other for a couple of years, and I’d never noticed that before…

I wish I’d known about the “I think” / “maybe” item sooner, it does put some things in perspective.

Nick in Shanghai has written an excellent piece on the Top Ten Mistakes Native Chinese Speakers Make When Speaking English.

Just think of the money you’ll save shopping around for funeral arrangements!

Ever wondered how much longer you have to live? Head to the Death Clock and wonder no more. I’d love to tell you more about this but according to it I’ve been dead for over three years already!

The Great DVD Swindle?

With two competing rather-similar-but-incompatible standards both coming from industry heavyweights it’s easy to think that the high-definition DVD industry is being set up to fail no matter which camp wins. And now film director Michael Bay is squarely alleging that HD-DVD is actually somewhat of a scam orchestrated by Microsoft to ensure the failure of both high definition DVD formats and eventually ensure success for its own upcoming downloadable solutions. Hmm… Sony vs. Microsoft… there’s really no one to root FOR here.

I had no idea things were this bad!

The recent fall of the US dollar against the Loonie have had an unexpected effect — a shortage of cocaine on American streets, and surpluses in Canadian cities. Won’t someone think of the record company execs?