So, like, did we travel back in time to 1986?!?

Despite claims to the contrary the US negociated with and surrendered to the demands of Middle-East kidnappers who took two journalists hostage.  Normally the hostages would have been left to rot, but this Administration pulls out all stops for the employees of its unofficial propaganda arm, a.k.a. Fox News Channel. I wonder if Shrub will claim, just like his dad did, that he wasn’t aware of the operation even taking place.

Should I drop BBC Canada?

I’ve had BBC Canada in my channel lineup for the past year, but it may be time for it to go.

The problem is the reason why I signed up for the channel in the first place, Top Gear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good car show and great fun to watch, but frankly I’ve already seen all the shows they seem to have. Several times, in fact. It’s kind of galling that they should bombard their viewers with endless repeats of “Best of” compilations when the adverts they put between shows continuously promise “all new episodes every weekend.” If you can’t deliver on that, at least stop running those ads.

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Filthy book-on-book action!

Hot Library Smut! for the bibliophile in you. I’m glad to see that my particular favorite (Trinity College, Dublin) is there. Not that there isn’t already plenty of book porn on the internet! Just look at all these books living in sin on that bookshelf, some of them without as much as a dustcover! Some will argue that it’s only love, but without protection they could catch something.