Content protection: another reason why Vista sucks.

The Vista Content Protection specification could very well constitute the longest suicide note in history. By putting the protection of content above user experience in its new OS Microsoft shows us what happens when a company arrogantly bets that it can do anything it wants to its customers. History will show what happens when the “what are they gonna do, switch?” attitude rules product design.

So she became the first by making 3 with 2.

Woman with two wombs gives birth to three babies. You’d probably expect to read this in the Weekly World News, but no, this is a serious newspaper! The woman was apparently not aware of her unusual condition, and ended up with twins in one womb and a third baby in the other. Meanwhile the father should probably see a doctor about his hyper-fertility!

Redeeming Aeroplan miles

I’ve been an Aeroplan member for nearly 6 years now. Aeroplan is the frequent flyer mile program for Air Canada, which is my national airline. I used to fly quite often between Montreal and New York, so i figured I might as well earn frequent flyer miles for doing it; if you don’t belong to the program, those same “bonus miles” just go to waste. Besides the Aeroplan card lets you check in using those ATM-type machines in Canadian airports.

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Oh Benny, say it ain’t so.

Lots of stuff gets stolen in Italy, a country that plays host to a truly astounding number of thieves and pickpockets. Recently a friend of mine even had her luggage stolen from the incorrectly-locked trunk of a taxicab. Normally we’re talking about things of monetary value and easily fenceable. Well, you wouldn’t believe what got stolen from a small place just north of Rome in 1983.

Apparently the greenback is in more danger than previously thought.

Dollar Danger Directly Ahead. The US really doesn’t have any economic means of stopping or even slowing the decrease in the worldwide relevance of the dollar; is this a harbinger of more economic wars ahead for America?

If they build it too well they won’t be able to sneak their employees in!

Firm that makes a border to close off the southern US border caught employing illegal Mexican workers to do the job. Perhaps they should print the OED definition of “irony” on the wall, while they’re at it.

The first rule of pillow fight club is, tell everyone!

Everybody go pillow fighting! It’s one part fight club, one part flash mob, and one part group therapy all rolled into one!

Apparently fat men with white beards are no longer welcome at Disney Parks.

Man kicked out of Disney World for looking like Santa. I hope he at least got a refund for his day pass from the money-grubbing scum that the Disney corporation has become over the past few years.

Tony’s Tune of the day for December 18 2006

Reptilia by The Strokes. What a great song! I just went on a long-ish road trip and just found myself playing that tune over and over. I think it has something to do with the great bass line.

Some of these make me really want to visit Japan with a girlfriend.

Love Hotels. Photos of rooms in Japanese “love hotels”, by photographer Misty Keasler. Some of the rooms are a bit creepy (I don’t know what’s up with the ‘toilet training toy’ in the first photo) but the Hello Kitty S&M room strikes me as a must-see attraction. Apparently a whole book of Keasler’s love hotel photos is also available from Amazon.