It may not be the best before-bed viewing for everyone, though.

END: DAY is a BBC dramatization of 5 “doomsday scenarios” by which earth could be destroyed or severely impacted. Like a macabre “Groundhog Day”, if you will.

The perfect gin & tonic

Take the following:

  • 1/3 Hendrick’s gin.
  • 2/3 tonic water.
  • 1 slice of cucumber.
  • Ice.

Mix & serve. It doesn’t get much better than this.


I’m usually the one in my family and circle of friends with the latest & greatest electronic gadgets, so every once in a while a friend of mine will ask me not if, but when did I get Apple’s latest phone and how I find it. Inevitably I have to disappoint them because I don’t in fact have an iPhone, nor do I intend on getting one, and the reason for that is not the phone (which seems very slick and fun) but the network provider for it in Canada, Rogers Wireless (and its Fido subsidiary).

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Tony Clement: a national disgrace

Our national health minister, Tony Clement, has decided to make waves again by openly questioning the ethics of MDs who approve of safe injection sites for heroin addicts. This is the latest and most offensive chapter in Clement’s overriding obsession with the safe injection site known as Insite, located in Vancouver. Indeed earlier this month he took it upon himself to embarrass the country in front of the world at the AIDS 2008 Conference by (again) attacking safe injection sites as a form of harm reduction. Continue reading “Tony Clement: a national disgrace”

Extending the Recording Capabilities of your Videotron Illico DVR

Videotron Illico PVRs are neat, but they’re somewhat limited. Even the recently-released HD PVR will run out of disk space pretty quickly. If you like recording high-def shows, you will fill that disk in a rather meager 30 hours. This is not an issue on a day-to-day basis, but go on vacation for two to three weeks and you may well get to that limit. Even worse, the PVR I have is a first-generation HD PVR, which can only take 16 hours of HD programming. Sometimes you just need more. Continue reading “Extending the Recording Capabilities of your Videotron Illico DVR”