Life at 50

I started this post about a month ago with some idea of where it was supposed to go, but I’ve done little on it since but stare at the lack of progress and my own inability to come up with, well, anything that could possibly be of interest to anyone. Eventually this included myself.

The fact is that I’m just burnt out at this point. In all likelihood I’ve been in that state for some time but I’ve just gotten to the point where I am forced to admit it. It just feels like I’ve achieved nothing in life and that I just have nothing left to go forward with.

So, if you’re trying to get a hold of me but not reaching me, well, sorry. I can’t deal with much of anything right now so I have to keep whatever little capacity I have to make sure that I deliver at my job.

Life Lessons

When you face a life-changing decision and think “what’s the worst that could happen”, it’s very important to actually answer the question before going ahead with the thing.