It was a bit windy around Montreal today…

Today I decided to walk around the Plateau Mont-Royal area with my camera, looking for photo material. It was windy, though, very windy indeed. How windy was it? Well, if you own a copper Toyota with the license 554 CRN and you were parked near Mount-Royal, you just had a very bad day indeed (shocking photos follow). Apparently I got there right after a gigantic tree was just knocked down by a wind gust (the cops arrived as I was leaving, but two TV station trucks were already on the scene). Continue reading “It was a bit windy around Montreal today…”

Using Windows Media Player? You are sooooooo screwed!

Microsoft Media Player shreds your rights. You can’t transfer your content licenses from one device to another anymore, you can’t play TiVo content more than 3 days old, you can’t even play music you ripped from your own CDs anymore. Let’s face it, Micro$haft has officially become the thug that’s there to enforce the rights of the entertainment mafia. All in all, if you got conned into buying Windows Media Center Edition the RIAA and MPAA own you, and you don’t get so much as lube or a reach-around.

You don’t have to be Caucasian to make racist statements.

Here is Jan Wong’s controversial editorial that earned her rebukes ranging from the St-Jean-Baptiste Society to the Conservative Government. Indeed her anti-Quebec tirade is crass, self-serving, ill-placed, and frankly serves no purpose but to advance a — let’s face it — racist agenda, and she should be shamed for it, perhaps just like the Chinese student she snitched on when studying at Beijing University during the Cultural Revolution. The Globe and Mail should also be shamed for publishing it. Then again I don’t think too many people have lost much in Toronto for making bigoted statements against French Canadians. Continue reading “You don’t have to be Caucasian to make racist statements.”

Obviously a man on a murder-suicide spree is going to be straightened out by ‘tougher laws’.

PM Harper to take a look at unspecified ‘tougher laws’ in wake of shooting. What laws? he doesn’t know. Of course that doesn’t prevent him from rehashing the old right-wing claptrap about “being tough” when he clearly doesn’t have much of a grasp of the situation he’s trying to address. You know, at least under Martin and even Chretien you had a feeling that the PM actually thought things through before speaking. But then neither of those men was striving to be a clone of George W. Bush.