Time to boycott the RIAA?

It looks like the RIAA’s announcement that they were going to go ahead with lawsuits against thousands of music sharers is having a definite effect with the online public… although this is probably not what that Rosen pigopolist was looking for.

In fact what the music cartel has succeeded in doing is to encourage a good number of people to start boycotting RIAA products altogether. The idea being that if a boycott can make a dent in the cartel’s revenue they’ll be forced to revaluate their current approach of antagonizing those people who actually like their products. And one would have to be, er, “special” to actually believe the RIAA’s claims that it is acting in order to protect the artists. The corporate dons of the music world are well-known for hugely underreporting sales when it comes to paying royalties, even when they only pay the artists rates which are predatory at best.

The time is right for that sort of thing — it’s summer, it’s even sunny in New York these days (after a long, rainy spring), so there’s no better time to go out there and enjoy the outside air. No need to buy CDs for that. Besides, let’s face it, it’s not exactly like Hollywood is putting out a product that’s worth buying these days anyway…

As such I would like to encourage people to “just say no” to Rosen and her cartel by not purchasing music or movies that is not an import for a couple of weeks. How shall you entertain yourself? well, how about enjoying what you already have? 🙂 And if you’re disappointed by that collection, how can you think that new stuff from the same corporate behemoth will be any better?

The strength of a boycott comes from having many people simultaneously not engaging in their usual commercial practice. If enough people do this at this point in time, and keep not buying U.S. music or movies, the effect is bound to be noticed by those at the top. Another upside is that you’ll have more money in your pockets. And even if it doesn’t lead to lasting change, at least you’ve hit the pigopolists in the wallet, which, frankly, is its own reward.

Think about it… by saving our own money we can make at least a bit of difference, and it IS tantalizing to think that we as consumers can take money out of Rosen’s pocket for a change.