Fixing airflow valve leaks on (some) e-juice tanks

If you are a regular vaper you may well have come across this problem. Many top-loading tanks, such as the SMOK TVF9 and the Aspire Naultilus 3, have issues with e-juice leaking from the tank out the airflow valve at the bottom of the tank and onto your hand, and that isn’t just dirty and unpleasant, but it’s downright dangerous as nicotine can be absorbed through your skin.

Fortunately there is a fix for this — you have to follow this little procedure every time you fill your tank. It takes a little longer but it’s well worth it.

Refilling your top-loading tank

  1. Close the airflow valve of your tank.
  2. Open the tank filling hole in the normal way (usually a twist or slide).
  3. Fill the tank with liquid, making sure to not overfill it.
  4. Close the fuel hole cover.
  5. Flip the tank upside-down.
  6. Open the airflow valve and set it to your preferred setting.
  7. Return the tank to its normal orientation and enjoy a non-leaky tank.

Apparently doing this lets a little bit of a vacuum form in an internal structure of the tank. Or something like that. I don’t really understand how it works but in my experience it does.