For audiophiles only

Ever wondered what it’s like to put a pair of $55,000 headphones on and listening to your favorite tracks? This guy has experienced the Sennheiser Orpheus.

Lenovo update…

I got a call from Lenovo today informing me that one of the items ordered for me was on back-order… good thing I wasn’t holding my breath. AFAIK it’s the system restore disk for the laptop, which just raises further questions. If I need an additional copy of a CD/DVD I’ve already made before, I just use the image to make a new copy. Does Lenovo not know this?

I’m pretty sure this laptop has been a paperweight for longer than it’s been operating since I bought it.

May 22nd 2011

So, how’s that rapture thing working out for everybody? I wish people didn’t have this impression that you need silly beliefs to live. You don’t.

Strange beliefs in the 21st century

According to people with overactive imagination and boundless gullibility the world is about to end next weekend. End-of-the-worlders never do learn, do they. Billboards, both static and rolling, have been unleashed to warn us about this armageddon supposedly “guaranteed” by the bible. I’ve even seen one of those around Montreal (in French) and must confess I was quite amused by it.

Well, if nothing else this cult group, Family Radio, has managed to pump some money into local economies. Still, if this movement’s adherents are true believers then they really have no use for money or properties after May 21st; to think otherwise would be to commit intellectual fraud. So I would like to have it known that I am available to take care of these doomsday cultists’ money and properties from May 22nd forward as long as they transfer said possessions to be on May 21st.

So if you honestly think that the world is going to end next Saturday, get in touch with me using the link on the “About me” page. That’s a sure-fire way to really stand up for your beliefs and clearly show that there is no doubt whatsoever in your mind.

For the new realities of flying

Concerned about the full-body scanner at the airport exposing your unmentionables? Just stick those Flying Pasties on and your modesty is protected, at least until they pull you into the side room for a strip search. As for myself, I feel that seeing me naked is its own punishment.