A cure to Directshow weirdness

I’d love to use nothing but Linux on all my computers… if only I could. Unfortunately I regularly work from home using Windows-only software, and Linux support for games is barely there at all — it is completely missing for the newer games, and DirectX10 will only serve to compound this issue. In short I have to use Windows more often than I’d like. And unlike with Linux Windows bugs are very tough to identify and even harder to correct. Recently I had to deal with an internal Windows system called DirectShow that was downright broken. Continue reading “A cure to Directshow weirdness”

If that’s what the menus are like, no wonder tourists only eat at McDonald’s.

May I take your order? Taiwanese restaurant’s English menu is more confusing than trying to read the original Chinese descriptions. Personal favorites include (seriously) “J&J Living the Bowel”, “Cowboy Leg”, “Every form rape” (DO NOT WANT) and “The special features Namely Whets the Almond” (huh?).

Life imitates old, obvious joke.

Suicide at Burning Man was mistaken for performance art. I guess his buddies just thought it was a *very* convincing, lifelike piece…

‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ -Ben Franklin

Using Sony memory sticks will break the security of your Windows PC. Proving once again that despite its “cool” image Sony remains the idiot child of the technology age.

‘Because only major losers have sex – which everyone knows is only for fags.’

Sex is for fags! Billing itself as “abstinence-only coolness for boys”, SIFF isn’t quite Landover Baptist — its language would push it closer to the Westboro Baptist camp — but it comes pretty close. Together with Iron Hymen the site hopes to one day bring abstinence-only coolness to all mankind… well, OK, maybe not. The site belongs to Chickenhead Productions, which owns the whitehouse.org domain and irked the Vice President with a spoof article. The parody site was also quoted as the official White House web site by MSNBC earlier this year.

If this hasn’t won some sort of design award, there’s no justice in this world.

The Da Vinci prostate surgery system. I know what it is and what it’s used for, but did the designers really have to make it look like that? Oh well, at least they — and the doctors who use the thing — seem to have a pretty good sense of humor about their jobs!

Linked for truth…

Men are least happy in their late 30s. Now if only I had enough cash to get myself a Corvette I could at least have a proper mid-life crisis!

You know the ship’s really sinking when the rats decide to bail out.

Karl Rove resigns. To spend time with his family. Yeah, because of the family, that’s the ticket…

They ran out of enthusiasm, 3 years after the rest of the world did…

The Segway Enthusiasts Group of America is pulling the plug at he end of this month due to inactivity. Apparently there just aren’t enough people willing to shell out 5 to 10 grand for a scooter they can’t use on the street or the sidewalk to propel themselves at a speed slightly higher than they can achieve on foot. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!

“A modest little person, with much to be modest about…”

When insults had class. In our times bile and gall have eclipsed wit when it comes to giving offense; these few entries should remind us of a long-gone time when finesse trumped vulgarity in that area.