Towards a PHP proficiency testing methodology

With the rise of PHP for rapid intranet development, one sees more and more adverts recruiting PHP developers for serious development/consulting positions. One of the issues which are raised by this is that of testing. How exactly do you go about testing someone’s proficiency in PHP? Continue reading “Towards a PHP proficiency testing methodology”

This story is just an excuse to get a bunch of bad puns off my chest.

Sagging profit margins means Hooters Air officially went tits up today. Who would have thought that such a perky airline would be unable to keep things up in the air and end up going bust?

Going about things the wrong way.

Morissey to boycott Canada over seal hunt. That’s tragic now. Dozens of emo kids may never recover from this shock. Will he also boycott his own native UK over its involvement in the war in Iraq?..

Because “human coat rack” isn’t in the official list of prison jobs.

Novel reasons to stay out of jail: unrelenting priapism. Well that would cause a bit of embarassment at shower time, wouldn’t it.

All your face are belong to us.

MPAA opposes bill extending copyright to individuals who wish to protect their own image. Kinda ironic, isn’t it? The movie cartel believes in copyright, except in cases where THEY are not the direct beneficiary of it. The sheer hypocrisy of it is palpable.

…and the Redmond trifecta is complete.

Turns out Microsoft Office 2007 isn’t ready either. It’s a trifecta! Rough week for Steve Ballmer.

Things just keep getting better and better, don’t they.

Microsoft Vista just plain not ready. I’m shocked… well, you know the rest.

That there Vista thing doesn’t look too good.

Microsoft Vista ‘not people ready’. I’m sure that lots of people are shocked, SHOCKED! to see delays taking place there.

World’s richest man not impressed by gadget intended for the world’s poorest, wipes tears of laughter from his eyes with $100 bills.

Bill Gates mocks MIT’s $100 laptop. I guess it goes to show you can’t spell ‘class’ without ‘ass’. Perhaps someone should inform him that not everyone lives in $20M homes with multiple T3 connections.

PSA: the Starforce shit list.

Software you shouldn’t buy. All the games listed on this page contain DRM software by a company called Starforce. This evil piece of junk continually monitors your system for “suspicious behavior” and causes your computer to be rebooted spontaneously when it thinks it has detected an attempt to bypass the game’s copy control, even when in fact no such activity may have taken place. And even when you remove the product from your PC it remains there lurking and potentially causing random crashes. I already wrote to Codemasters, producers of several games listed on the page, telling them that although I had been a loyal customer in the past I would not buy any more of their games because of this.