United Ripoff Service

Here’s a hint for all Canadians who order stuff from the US: make sure you choose Fedex, DHL or the US Postal Service to deliver your package. I went with the shipping company associated with the color brown (I shan’t name it here, because I’ve decided to shun it) and have been truly ripped off by these sons of bitches. On a package worth less than $120, the fuckers are charging me a whopping $61.98 of “brokerage fees”.

I really don’t have a choice because they’re holding my package hostage until I pay them, but one thing’s for sure — I’m going to file complaints with the BBB and local trade authorities over this dishonest dealing.

9/11 at 4.

9/11 at 4. Tristan Louis reflects on the American situation 4 years after 9/11. Obviously this was written a couple of weeks ago, but then whoever said that rememberance and analysis should be restricted to the one day?