And the Canadian consumer takes it in the shorts again.

We Canadians get the short shrift on just about everything, be it mobile phone services, or cars, but now someone’s come up with a comparison of broadband internet providers that shows just how much we’re getting screwed here north of the 49th parallel.

That’s economic crisis porn for ya.

Those of us who have lost a bit of cash on the market recently can take a little schadenfreude-based relief in this site, whose name says it all: Sad Guys on Trading Floors. Featuring pictures of, you guessed it, sad guys on trading floors.

Clearly the current crisis wasn’t unforeseen.

The financial crisis is all over the news nowadays, but some people did see it coming. Watch this CNBC appearance by Peter Schiff if you want to see someone getting it right two years ago… and listen to Art Laffer foolishly attempt to rebut him with see blind, jingoistic optimism.