If I ever get this angry about my job, I hope I have the ability to quit it.

The angriest Winnebago salesman in history. “I gotta read this again because my mind is just a piece of shit this morning…” (language NSFW, unless you’re a sailor).

There’s only one slight catch…

Looking for that $200K+ Ajax programming job? This could be for you. It’s tax-free if you manage to survive for the whole year, too.

They had me going for a while…

Spiders on drugs. Hilarious spoof of those Canadian “wildlife moments” that we’ve all grown up with (in Canada at least).

In these interesting times, what can life do but imitate parody?

Giuliani, when asked about HIV, answers with 9/11. Compare with this article from The Onion, it’s practically prophetic! and this Family Guy clip, it’s uncanny! Let’s be clear — Giuliani has nothing whatsoever to point to when people wonder why they should think about voting for him, so he stands tall on the carcasses of the dead of September 11th and exploits them for all they’re worth. It worked for Bush, didn’t it?

Volvo C70: Initial Impressions

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Still looking for that vast right-wing conspiracy?

Introducing rent-a-trolls! As it turns out it would appear that quite a few right-wing bloggers are in fact bought and paid for, like common whores. Who knew?

The ‘Canada’ premium.

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Gorillaz to chimps in a mere couple of years.

Feel Good, Inc. That’s the 2007 version with Boss George, Dick and MC Rove in da haus!

Just watching some of these landings will put some hair on your chest.

A special farewell to Kai Tak. Among the things I regret in life is to not have flown into Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport, and not having seen for myself those massive planes fly seemingly perilously close to the buildings of Kowloon — but at least this video does a pretty good job of illustrating the experience. The pilots who managed to get jumbo jets landed on that one runway… well, they earned their paychecks and then some!

Well that sure was unexpected.

Osama bin-Laden’s son marries English grandmother. The 27-year old has taken as a bride an Englishwoman who’s nearly twice his age. It’s her sixth marriage and his second. I guess bride and groom need not always have everything in common…