That’s why journalists should wait for confirmed reports.

There’s a whole lot less to that ‘Rolling Stones vs. George W. Bush’ thing than you’d think. The funny thing is, even Penn Jillette (the guy who does the “Bullshit!” show on Showtime) fell for that urban myth hook, line and sinker. His bullshit meter must have been in the shop that day! Check your sources, Penn…

Dude, I’m healthy as a… er… man, I could eat a horse right about now.

Marijuana is medically useful, whether politicians like it or not A rare sensible look at the issue of medical cannabis by a source that can hardly be described as “a bunch of hysterical lefties”…

Some anti-war tract, surely written by some lefty hippie.

War is a racket. A good piece, especially keeping in mind that it was written in 1935 by the then most-decorated Marine in USMC history.

I’m on ‘Seen on Slash’!

A comment of mine has made it to “Seen on Slash”, also known as the “Best of Slashdot”. Yay!

He should have spent a little extra for the car alarm option instead.

Beckam keeps getting his hundred-thousand-pounds bulletproof X5s stolen. Maybe switching to an Audi Q7 will help him keep possession of his vehicle?

Cue project mayhem…

Geeks beat suits. Don’t f*ck with the people who run your mail server. You never know what they could be doing back there.

Next on the list, a tooth fairy memorial.

Stupid dino tricks. You mean that a creationism museum would be little but nonsensical proselytizing and kid-catching gimmicks? Say it isn’t so!

Sometimes more security = less security.

Security Myths and Passwords. This should be a must-read for all IT managers… that “change your password every 30 days” policy could well lead to less secure passwords and more time spent resetting lost ones — so why do it?

They weren’t slaves, they just didn’t have the balls to walk out.

The weirdest news story of April: 3 North Carolina men arrested for running a slaves dungeon and performing castrations. Apparently it was all consensual too. Ever get that “now I’ve seen everything” feeling?

They must have been downloading the tunes straight to their telephones?!

The RIAA’s latest brilliant move: suing a family that doesn’t even own a PC. Sometimes it just seems that the record industry cartel wants to take the “world’s biggest asshole” award away from Mr. Goatse.