‘And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?’ (Luke 6:41)

The most horrifying X-ray pictures you’re going to see today (unless you’re a trauma surgeon). A Melbourne kid got into a fight outside a club, which resulted in him getting a chair leg stuck through his eye socket. Not only is he still alive today, he even has 95% vision back in the affected eye, which is pretty amazing.

‘The peasants are revolting!’ ‘That’s right, they stink on ice.’

Automakers face $2 Billion class-action lawsuit over Canadian price discrepancies. Given that prices have been so out of range for so long it’s pratically surprising to see this sort of action being taken now. In pratical terms, I really doubt that this will be successful. I don’t think it’s based on solid law, unless the lawyers try and establish collusion between the automakers.


Well, there seems to be interest in the Canadian car pricing story! It was picked up by Autoblog on Sunday (hello, Autoblog readers!). I’ve actually received some feedback from carmakers, so part 2 of the story is coming soon.

Canadian Car Prices File: an experiment

This article has moved! I can now be found here: http://ambitiousbutrubbish.com/2007/09/canadian-car-prices-file-an-experiment/

Art for our times.

Meet Banksy. Cheeky and provocative, Banksy leaves his mark wherever he goes, even at record shops.

Some people, it appears, are too stupid even for a life of crime.

Man calls Feds inquiring on the whereabouts of his lost cocaine. What I don’t understand about US law enforcement is how the Feds had pretty much figured out he was a drug runner in the first place but had let him go, while medical marijuana patients get busted by SWAT teams every week.

Chocolate and WHAT?

A review of Vosges Haut Chocolat’s Bacon Bar. Yes, you read this correctly, a chocolate bar. With bacon. No, this isn’t a Simpsons joke. And it’s actually good, according to the reviewer. Ah, bacon, is there anything you can’t do?..

MacLeans has a message for you.

And you won’t believe what it is. See the comment after the picture for details.

BMW’s upcoming 1-series looks shockingly good.

I’ve not been a fan of BMW since Chris Bangle redesigned the formerly-understated German vehicles to the ugly, bloated, over-angled excesses that we see in them today. Fortunately it would seem that as time goes the cars are less and less Bangled (as it were) and look more and more like they actually have some BMW heritage in them, with the ultimate example being the new 1-series unveiled in Frankfurt. Could it be that BMWs of the future will look more and more like, well, BMW’s? Only time will tell.

2007: Year of the Wasp

If you’ve been going around Montreal since about mid-August, you’ve no doubt noticed enormous numbers of wasps. The normally woodland-dwelling insect seems to have found itself a new home in the city.

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