Good riddance to 2008.

Seriously, this year can’t be over fast enough. If I remember 2008 for anything, it’ll be the timely reminder of how things decay over time.

Are we about to witness life as a disaster-porn TV special?

Not that people should panic or anything, but there has recently been a large cluster of seismic activity around Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. And Yellowstone is already known to be a supervolcano which is overdue for an eruption by about 40,000 years.

Money for nothing…

Just how much are mobile phone companies ripping us off when they charge us fees to send (or even receive) text messages? Even more than you think. Mobile phone messages cost providers nothing. That’s right, absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Any amount they charge you is pure profiteering.

0 and 16.

I don’t really follow American football, but even I was waiting to see the results of the Detroit-Green Bay game on Sunday. Rather predictably the Lions dropped this one, ending up with 0 points for the season with a 0-16 record which officially makes them the worst team in the history of the NFL. No one had gone 0-16 since the season was extended to 16 games back in 1978. Way to get into the history books…

You can’t spell “prorogue” without “rogue”, can you?

It’s official! Rather than holding his head up high Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the coward’s way out of next Monday’s planned non-confidence vote in the House of Commons by suspending Parliament until the new year (known as “prorogation”). Congrats Stephen, you’ve saved your own worthless hide for a few weeks by declaring a stop to the works of our elected representatives right smack in the middle of the worst economic crisis in decades, and with no budget passed. Way to toss Canada under the bus to protect yourself, big guy.

The video link trends continue with some rally racing.

If you’ve got a couple of hours to kill why not watch Too Fast to Race? It covers the history of Group B, which is in my mind the best and most bad-ass car racing series the world has ever seen, and (most likely) will ever see. Link goes to part 1, look in the “Related Videos” section for the rest.