It’s nice to see that authorities in the field have now reached the same conclusions I reached months ago!

Remember when a few months ago I said that Vista security was ultimately weak because it would annoy users into switching it off? Well, as ZDNet Australia reports, Natalya Kaspersky (of Kaspersky Anti-Virus) agrees.

The land where a house costs you less than a car.

Detroit: A modern-day ruin. I’ll say this much — at least a car allows you to get the hell away from Detroit…

What happens in San Salvador stays in San Salvador!

Israel recalls Ambassador to El Salvador after he was found stumbling about in public drunk and naked except for bondage gear. Bonus: he was only able to identify himself after a ball-gag was removed from his mouth. What a putz!

What getting laser eye surgery is like, part 3.

Recovery: next day.

Waking up the next day was something else. When you’ve been basically unable to function without glasses for most of your life, then one day wake up without that limitation, you feel quite exhilarated.

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This was bound to happen at some point!

Not so smart Smart driver. Light, short car w/ wheels at the corners + mast + low barrier = hilarity. That being said this looks like the event took place somewhere int he UK rather than in the US, as the text implies.

What getting laser eye surgery is like, part 2.

Missed part 1? Catch it here.

Same-day recovery: the first four hours.

The four hours after the surgery were a trying time. Basically this is the time when the corneal flap closes up, and so it’s critical to follow the doctor’s orders to avoid complications.

So that’s pretty much what I did. I was quickly able to tune into a netcast of a news radio station — one that tells you what time it is every 10 minutes — and sat on the couch. And did almost nothing but wait and blink.

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Switzerland invades Liechtenstein by mistake.

Liechtenstein: no retaliation for Swiss ‘invasion’. To be fair, the Swiss did offer the wronged party stylish watches and Toblerones for the trouble, so it’s all good.