How NOT to do public relations.

First, spot a blogger who finds a relatively minor, non-critical bug in your web site. Second, make sure some of your staff insult him personally and call him a liar, and make sure they do so from their office computers (read the comments on that first link). Third, have your PR department make a statement that bloggers are idiots and lunatics. Fourth… profit?

Ryanair seems like one place left in this world where PR men still enjoy their three-martini lunch!

A way to find Osama bin Laden

  1. Post simulated video of Osama bin Laden abusing a cat
  2. Profit!

The age of “no comments” has come…

Unfortunately I seem to be under attack by spamming scum using a botnet, so I’ve had to turn off comments altogether… that’s my explanation in case someone notices (LOL).

A fresh look?

I thought it would be amusing to shake things up with a skin change — also a WordPress upgrade broke the plugin I was using to generate the excerpt for my stories on the front page, so this was a move of necessity more than whimsy. This little number is called Head 1.5 and it’s by Priss. It’s quite pleasant once your eyeballs stop hurting (it is a rather bright template).