Sometimes you have an epiphany and realize that God really hates your cracked-up redneck ass.

Naked crack-smoking man attacked by alligator in Florida. Sometimes the headlines just write themselves, I swear…

Leaving that material on there was careless, but giving the password was just plain stupid.

A hard (core) lesson in privacy. Selling your PC? Don’t forget to wipe the disks, especially if you have home movies of yourself having unconventional sex, and you’re a TV personality. I’m not convinced about this story though, I demand proof! Preferably on Youtube.

It’s horribly cute! Or cutely horrible!

The misadventures of Hello Cthulhu. It’s got that Lovecraft-meets-Sanrio insanity thing going.

The scary thing is, if these implements were actually marketed someone would probably buy them.

Skymall Catalog Jamboree. Some people think that the Skymall catalog is full of useless crap no one would spend their money on unless their brains were oxygen-deprived by high altitudes — the Goons clearly do — and it’s likely that they’re right.

Apparently that ‘jumping through space without a helmet’ scene from 2001 was actually realistic.

The real effects of outer space exposure. Very interesting stuff!

Want to see how tough Hummer’s new SUV really is?

Hummer H3 crashes into a standing (empty) school bus. Have a look at the damage. After that, if you still buy an H3, that should be considered proof that you are literally retarded.

A sort of British email hall of shame.

Worst emails ever, by British tabloid The Sun to celebrate the 35th anniversary of electronic mail. I’m not normally a fan of The Sun or anything, but this is just naff!

‘Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.’

The 25 funniest analogies, compiled by high school English teachers. The plainest evidence that “writing what you know” is sometimes a terrible policy.

More ammo for the conspiracy nuts who think the guy was abducted and replaced by an alien!

Forensic artist illustrates what Michael Jackson should look like now, if he had not had surgeries. No side-by-side comparison with the actual Michael jackson, but nevertheless that’s just spooky.

This should probably be required reading for any software project manager.

The “Engineering Estimate”. What you need to do to a programmer’s estimate of time required for a task in order to get much of an idea of when it will actually get done. This is pretty damn accurate in my experience.