Bait & Switch?

Maybe it’s just me, but when I enter a discount code good for a web site (I received the “invitation” today) I kinda expect the discount code to go towards the cost of an order at the same site.  Especially when Barnes & Noble send out a “25% off anything” promo. However this doesn’t seem to apply to the new Nook Color, which apparently can’t be ordered at all from where I am.

So yes, I was drunk enough to attempt to order a new Nook Color, but B&N sees it fit to stop me from ordering it. Maybe they’re desperately trying to stop me from making a very stupid, drunken mistake.  Well cheers B&N, you’re pretty much right.  After panning the last incarnation of the Nook I really should know better than to spend money on such a flawed product. Thanks for saving me the money I guess. One could only hope all online merchants were so scrupulous.

A word of advice

I’m not a fraud specialist, nor do I want to encourage people to defraud authorities, but if you’re going to pretend you’re pregnant so as to get state benefits you really should stop claiming after 9 months. A pregnancy that lasts more than 3 years becomes suspect at some point.

For the new realities of flying

Concerned about the full-body scanner at the airport exposing your unmentionables? Just stick those Flying Pasties on and your modesty is protected, at least until they pull you into the side room for a strip search. As for myself, I feel that seeing me naked is its own punishment.