What getting laser eye surgery is like, part 1.

Recently I decided to take the plunge and get laser eye surgery to correct my myopia and astigmatism. This happened a mere 5 days ago. I thought it would be a good idea to post my experiences here so people can know what it’s like to undergo this procedure. Note that I really give no medical advice at all. This story should be taken as a testimonial only!
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An ode to every fucking stupid question you’ve ever heard at a job interview.

You don’t bury survivors. Seriously, if you’re interviewing people for a job, stop asking this asinine shit. If you MUST go with a riddle, at least make up an interesting one, otherwise you might find your eventual job offer getting rejected.

Is there anything that can’t be done in a car?

The weirdest drive-thrus. Including a church, prayer booth, strip club and funeral parlor. Give me convenience or give me death, I say!

Technical support… for automobiles.

What if people bought cars like they buy computers? The roads would be a hell of a lot scarier, for one thing.

Not so SMART, apparently.

Massive Google hard drive survey yields interesting information. Apparently the SMART self-reporting system fails as often as it works in predicting hard drive failure, leading to many instances of drives failing without any warning. This is just one of many findings in this very interesting survey.

And you think your commute is bad?

Mad intersection in St. Petersburg, Russia. A webcam captures a surprisingly large number of accidents at an intersection which apparently doesn’t have any lights or stop signs (!).

Personally I would put ‘not being the parent of a serial killer’ at the top.

Life-long anti-goals. Things you do NOT want to achieve in life.

Mood: Frozen (brrrr!)

Weather here in Montreal is roughly -20c with high winds. Basically it feels like about -40 degrees (c OR f). What better day for a bus to be 30 minutes late than this morning? Especially when a light dusting of snow yesterday caused the bus to take over 1 hour to cover the 5 km (~3 miles) between the office and the subway station.
This is fucking ridiculous. If you don’t have a car, don’t take a job in Montreal’s Techno-Parc. In winter you’ll freeze your balls off. Or die of boredom in traffic. Or both.

Nothing says “I wish I had finished college” better than a whimpering face covered in the semen of twelve men.

Awkward adventures at the porno store. Sordid and often funny tales of a porn shop clerk somewhere in the USA.

Bad: parts of Vista make your PC slower, less reliable and less secure. Worse: you can’t turn them off.

DRM in Windows Vista. You know, it’s actually getting quite difficult to find anyone who recommends switching to Vista and who isn’t also either a)working for Microsoft or b)just plain yanking your chain.