It’s not about speculators.

When gas prices reach the levels we’re seeing now it’s easy and convenient to blame unnamed shadowy “speculators” for the proverbial pain at the pump. The fact is, however, that gas is so expensive because the limits of oil production are being reached while demand is ever increasing.

Weird videos file, continued.

To keep the streak of weird videos going, here’s one entitled Dancing Man Wearing a Horse Mask Cooks Wild Mushrooms. And you know what? It delivers on that title.

Back… for now

I finally managed to unwrangle the mess that WordPress’s database update had left behind (seriously, who could fathom that a database update would cause problems in relation to a graphics file in a theme I had installed and wasn’t even using?). I still think it’s a hell of a mess, but frankly I haven’t had the time to develop my own solution for the time being so at least it’s fixed and I have a means of giving out my opinions to the world again, flawed or uninteresting as they may prove. I do have a number of articles planned but yet-unwritten on a variety of subjects, like the BMW 1-series (which I drove a while back), the Zend Framework (which will be the basis of the blog that will succeed this one), duck (which is a delicious if fatty meat), and lots of other stuff.