And by ‘unsubstantiated’ we literally mean that there is no substance there. Really.

There’s much less to the UK’s recent terror trials than the prosecution cares to admit. From the fictitious “red mercury” to the non-existent ricin behind the “ricin plot” of a couple of years ago, it seems that anti-terror busts in the UK are just as, well, “substantial” as the ones held in the US.

Nowadays the trains just zoom through ’em.

Disused stations of the London Underground. Which, as we all know from “A fish called Wanda”, is not a terrorist organization.

The “no such thing as bad publicity” dynamic might be at play here.

The Conservative Party of Canada is under fire for its (non-) position on the war in Lebanon, so what’s a party to do? Ask their contributors to send in more money, of course!

And you thought North American political campaigns were nasty.

Congo politicians denies charges of cannibalism. He also promises to devour defeat political opponents at the polls.

This has to be the biggest collection of Darwin Award candidate photos yet!

The US Naval Safety Center’s safety photo collection. You have got to check these out… and wonder how some of the dumbasses in these pictures actually survived, perhaps to breed incredible stupidity into a whole new generation of humans.

I don’t have a joke for this, frankly.

Here’s a graphical representation of the body count for the current conflict in the Lebanon. Hopefully this will stop before they run out of people to kill.

Someone clogged his inbox.

A Russian spammer gets his due. Maybe I should send a link to this story to people who send me spam.

Map to the famous “crossroads” not included.

Legendary blues-man Robert Johnson’s guitar is up for sale. The only catch is the price — a cool $6 million US.

Sure, if “neutral” means “openly one-sided”.

MacKay: Canada has not abandoned its traditional role as a mediator and neutral voice in foreign affairs. He also stated that PM Harper has taken “a very independent sovereign decision” to completely agree with whatever George Bush said.

Still, the service is, er, “highly personalized”.

Air Torture. No fares, no paperwork, no one’s any the wiser.