If you’ve ever criticized George W. Bush in any way, his former speechwriter would like you to know that he ‘hates your lying guts’.

Paul Burgess goes stark raving mad with right-wing fury and ejaculates this incoherent editorial in a Virginia paper. I’m surprised that such a hackish berk could even get a job as a speech-writer for a dog-catcher, but then in the Bush Administration standards have terribly fallen.

Alienware reviewers: your review better be fawning, or else…

Alienware threatens to cut off hardware trials if your review of their products isn’t positive enough. You know, when Dell bought Alienware people were a little skeptical of whether AW would truly remain a premium, high-performance brand or just fade into the “slightly better than usual” pool of vendors. Well evidently if you have to strong-arm good reviews from critics, you must KNOW that your product isn’t performing to expectations. Therefore, don’t shell out extra cash for Alienware, because “dude, you’re getting a Dell.”

It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.

A famous quote by Joseph Stalin, who reminds us that the Soviet Union had elections too! Enjoy these anti-Diebold posters, even as Florida voting machines have already started doing their darndest to turn votes for Democrats into votes for Republicans.

Kids first… adults for dessert.

Actual, real Virginia CTHLHU license plate. You can pray to be eaten first, but clearly unless you’re a kid you’re just gonna have to wait. I think H.P. Lovecraft would probably be amused.

Ebay: the magic money machine.

Man turns $1 bill into over $11 on Ebay. Literally. I’m guessing that the buyer of said dollar bill isn’t a member of mensa.

Could this be the ‘mother of Rover’?

Strange gelatinous ball found in the sea off the Norwegian coast. Apparently The Village might be located in a nearby fjord after all…

Ever wonder how porn actresses remember their lines?

Porn dialogue cue cards (YouTube, with porn-y sounds). Really, it’s too much dialogue to just keep in memory.

Let the dismantling of everything that made YouTube fun continue.

YouTube yanks Daily Show, Colbert clips. In a couple of years you won’t find anything of interest there — just a bunch of insipid videocasts by bored, angsty 14-year-olds (not that there’s anything wrong with that; whatever floats your boat). if I were a Google investor I’d be very pissed at the directors for having spent $1.6 billion in stock for what increasingly seems like turkey that contains less and less content with each passing week.

Maybe she contracted a case of, oh, what’s the name of that disease, the one Reagan got…

When appearing as a memory expert in court, you might want to remember whether or not you’ve met the prosecutor before, and things you wrote in published books and papers.  Otherwise you look like a bloody idiot in court, and risk damaging your own reputation as a memory expert.

Security by deniability: impressions of Vista security

Ryan S. at 37signals put it best when it comes to Windows Vista:

"windows in general has been like a confused and slow person.
vista is like a person who lost their meds and is
trying their best to ignore the voices"

There’s a lot of brouhaha out there about how Vista is “the most secure Windows yet”. BFD. That’s a bit like saying that something is “the least disgusting meal Jeffrey Dahmer ever cooked.” Set the bar low enough and you’ll never run short of superlatives with which to describe your newest venture. Continue reading “Security by deniability: impressions of Vista security”