Next RIAA investigative method: hanging out outside high schools in vans promising kids candy.

RIAA tried to shake down a ten-year-old girl. Here’s the kicker: they did it by fraudulently calling her as she was at school under the guise of being the girl’s grandmother. Is there any low those assholes won’t stoop to?!?

It’s a good thing he wasn’t investigating an abbatoir!

Journalist held hostage by bosses of Chinese toy factory. Even the police were kept at bay. Sometimes you get the feeling that today’s China today is quite feudal, with noblesse d’argent taking the place of high birth.

Much better than the ‘catch up!’ joke I was expecting.

The disturbing secret life of fruits and vegetables. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of produce?

5 Seconds of Hilarity.

Dramatic Chipmunk. This should put a smile on the face of anyone who’s not experiencing rigor mortis.

The second worst result ever achieved in German tests.

Germany crash tests the Brilliance BS6 Chinese-built sedan, with shocking results. This isn’t a car, it’s a coffin on wheels. But it’s only the second worst test, the absolute worst was for the 2005 Jiangling Motors Landwind, another Chinese import, where the crash test dummy was so badly mangled it had to be taken apart before it could be pulled out of the wrecked vehicle (links in article).

You can always double or triple your dose!

Incarcerex. A new drug for those right-wing politicians suffering from the anxiety that they might be losing elections. Available only in the USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the People’s Republic of China!

Adobe and technical writing: partly a rant, but an entirely legitimate question.

I’m currently working as a technical writer, and as such am keenly interested in issues related to this topic, especially when it comes to software. So when I got an email advising me that Adobe had released a new version of Robohelp I was keen to try it out, especially now that it’s made by the same company as Framemaker. My enthusiasm was very short-lived. I posted this on the Adobe RH forum, but I have a feeling that it won’t stay there for long, so here’s my rant…

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If you wanted a photo to illustrate irony, you can use this one.

Sign spotted at George Orwell Square in Barcelona. It could only be more perfect if it had been put up 23 years ago…

Just when you thought you’d seen everything on the internet…

Powerbook snuff porn. Safe for work, unless you work at Apple I guess. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste. From Germany (where else?).

Keepin’ the natives restless.

Portrait of the Modern Terrorist as an Idiot. In today’s celebration of photo-ops and PR that take the place of genuine security efforts, it’s not security but the illusion of security that are truly important for government agencies… As Shakespeare said ’tis better to be vile than vile-esteemed when seems to be receives reproaches of being’.