Why make even a few users nervous if you don’t have to?

I’m restoring the original software on my HP tx1218 tonight and came across something I found amusing: HP makes driver installer, called the File Based Installer. Now this doesn’t seem all that amusing, and in itself it isn’t, but note the initials, it’s going to be relevant. And at least mildly interesting.

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Blog update

I managed to “unbork” things that the WordPress “update” messed up — mostly by removing dead links — and put in a silly placeholder for the “about” page so clicking the link doesn’t cause an error anymore. All in all however, I’m pretty determined to write my own software again and ditch WP, at least I’m sure my own SW won’t have the sort of surprises I’ve been seeing this week.

About me…

I used to have a very interesting page telling people all about myself in there, but a WordPress “upgrade” destroyed it (Gee, thanks, WordPress) so I’m afraid it’s gone now and I can’t be bothered to recreate it. Sorry!

More things I learned since yesterday!

Apparently the WordPress upgrade completely borked my pages (like “about”) and categories as well. Gee, thanks, WordPress! So, don’t bother clicking any of the links near the title bar, they probably just won’t work. And since I have 1700+ entries I really can’t be bothered to go in and edit each bloody entry manually. So, I think I need to put WordPress in the list of things I’m not too impressed with lately.