What do you mean, “becoming”?

CBC’s Search Engine asks, “Is Canada Becoming a Digital Ghetto?“. Canadians reply, “hasn’t it always been one?”

A TV show for non-TV watchers!

Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe is a show that takes a look at TV with a humorous, foul-mouthed critic’s eye… like someone watching the tube so you don’t have do, which is great for someone like myself. Link goes to the first episode, follow the Youtube links from there…

A surprisingly insightful documentary

While checking out documentaries on the web recently I came across this brilliant one. It’s a documentary produced by Adam Curtis (of The Power of Nightmares fame) for the BBC called The Trap. It’s about “freedom” in our modern times, but it has even more important undertones (in my opinion) dealing with the individual’s “self” in the context of society, and game theory. It’s quite hard to explain, but very much worth a viewing. Links after the jump. Continue reading “A surprisingly insightful documentary”