‘We should enjoy our Coca-Cola while we still can…’

Dana Milbank covers the press conference by Khartoum Karl. How Milbank manages not to laugh in this report is beyond me…

As little Timmy’s eyes closed he hugged his teddy bear closer and realized that he had finally come to love Big Brother.

Wireless TeddyCam. It’s only a shame that they stopped the idea short; combine this thing with a wifi transmitter in the (plugged-in) base station and you have some fantastic potential for major perv flicks.

It’s easy for Microsoft to look good on paper. In the real world it’s a tougher challenge.

Microsoft manages to look good by using license terms to suppress negative reports about its products. You’re free to review the product… if you reach a conclusion that’s been approved by marketing! Think about that the next time someone makes you read some bullshit fawning ‘review’ that concludes that Windows has a lower TCO than Linux.

At least it’s not crap-brown…

Apple TV as much of a dud as the Microsoft Zune. Apparently both products are as poorly-conceived and half-assed in execution. Still the Apple TV does make an elegant sushi platter! In fact it’s so poorly-marketed and under-hyped that I was under the impression it wasn’t available yet. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer before someone gives me a reason to switch on the TV again.

How heartless is YOUR power company?

NZ woman needs respirator. Mercury Power (of NZ) cuts off her power. Woman dies. Mercury Power was even aware of the situation when they cut off the power. Seriously, those Mercury folks are one set of twisted freaks.

I couldn’t help thinking, what a brilliant idea!

Sushi bar. A tourist places a video camera on the conveyor belt of a Tokyo sushi bar. Now why didn’t I think of that when I was there?

Domain squatter #1.

Meet Kevin Ham. He’s the reason that the domain name you’re looking for is now a link farm that will cost you hundreds, if not thousands, to acquire. If you’ve never seen a smile on a parasite before, this article has a photo.

‘How anyone can be stupid enough not to think about the long-term consequences is beyond me.’

Our Own Private Bin Laden (part 1, other parts linked as replies). An interesting, recent documentary on the origins and aspirations of Muslim extremism.

Someday I’d like you to be my emergency contact person!

Some E-cards. Half-assed messages to express those half-assed special feelings!

What good’s a war unless someone can cash in?

Iraq for sale. War is business, and business is apparently very good in the USA.