SCO was just a patsy.

Microsoft-SuSE: little more than a protection racket shakedown. You know, from the moment I saw Steve Ballmer I was never able to shake the impression that, unlike, say, Gates or Allen, who were geniuses in their own right, Ballmer was more of a frat boy, the strip-club going, parasitical street thug. And now the thug is telling people “nice business you have, would be a shame if anything happened to it.” You can cower and pay him for ‘protection’, or you can kick him in the bollocks. Choose wisely and vote with your feet, I say.

Obviously the guy was a modern-day Harry Houdini!

Man “shoots himself in the head” while in a police cruiser with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Is it just me or does something seem to be amiss with this story? How does a policeman search a guy and find baggies of coke and pot on him, but misses a large .40 caliber S&W pistol? Is the dead man alledged to have pulled the weapon out of his ass? I can’t wait to see what Philadelphia police has to say on the matter.

The Chinese exports you haven’t been hearing so much about.

China admits harvesting organs from executed prisoners for sale in foreign markets. This has been the subject of rumors before, and has always been steadfastly denied by the Chinese, until THAT became impossible. A bit like W and his warrantless wiretap business. No wonder he gets on so well with Beijing.

Someone needs to tell the White House it’s not the 70s anymore.

White House site highlights its trip to Vietnam by showing the pre-1975 South Vietnamese flag. Then again this is entirely excusable — it’s pretty obvious that no one in the Bush Administration ever went anywhere near Vietnam before in their lives!

From the ‘you know things will not go well when…’ file.

This is not how you want your new product presented on CNN. Then again as the saying goes, “you can’t polish a turd.” In related news, it turns out that Zune isn’t compatible with Windows Vista and won’t play tunes that Microsoft has certified as “plays for sure”. It’s also bigger and heavier than an iPod. Frankly I don’t know what, if anything, Zune has going for it.

Deep thoughts.

If time travel were possible at all someone would have invented a time machine a long time ago. Think about it.

This takes ‘getting fucked by your bank’ to a whole new level.

If you got screwed by a scammer, the Bank of America would like to compound your trouble by having you roughed up by police, publicly humiliated in public and jailed. Also it’ll cost you thousands of dollars to get out of the legal mess. Higher standards? These idiots have lowered the bar of customer service to an unimaginable extent. The shitty service has reputedly resulted in a boycott that’s cost BoA $50 millions’ worth of business (more here), and keeps on spreading thanks to sites like BoingBoing.

Apparently ‘agile’ means ‘out of touch with reality’.

Joel Sponsky goes all delusional again. I love this bit of brain-fart about programmers: “This Is Why Programmers Get The Big Bucks. The whole reason you gave them Aeron chairs, unlimited M&Ms, free catered lunches, and the kickass computers with the 30” LCDs is so they can deal with new bugs Microsoft introduced in their code by messing up a DLL that used to work.” Get fucking real, Joel.

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52 cards, 6 people, 1 bucking bull, and altogether a whole lot of stupid.

Bull poker (video). Somewhere out there the ghost of Darwin is giggling softly to himself.

That special shampoo and tiny little comb won’t help those poor Norwegians.

Giant Russian crabs invade Norway. Honey, fire up the barbecue… there’s an invasion to defeat! Melted garlic butter, stat!