Such a beautiful design… why would you want to muck it up with silly things like user content?!?

Apple says: no, you can’t have third-party applications on your iPhone. Not yours!

Apparently Rowan Atkinson correctly divined President Bush’s new strategy for Iraq way back before the first gulf war.

Blackadder goes forth outlines Bush’s new Iraq strategy… in 1989. But don’t worry, W. has a cunning plan!

From the ‘the perfect gift for someone who already has everything’ file…

Russian MiG 21F fighter for sale on Ebay Motors. Personally I like the “get low monthly payments” link right below the current price! You’ll want those low payments, because insurance on one of these must be a killer!

How getting rid of management could be your company’s best move.

How do you run a business without managers? Quite well, apparently!

A day later the cheap obvious joke returns with a vengeance.

New Jersey eyed as cause of gas-like smell in NYC. Looks like my entry from yesterday was premature!

Incredibly no one even remotely implied that New Jersey was the suspected cause.

Mystery smell settles over Manhattan. The smell was said to be so powerful it even overpowered the New York subway’s usual bouquet of urine and vomit.

It was either that or bringing the guy back to life so they could hang him again.

Court drops Kurd charges against Saddam Hussein. I don’t think there’s much more they could have done to punish him anyway…

Typo3 — possible to get started?!?

I’ve been checking out Typo3 with an eye on moving this blog (and others) to it, for a number of reasons, but I have to say that it’s quite frustrating to try and learn about it. If you install the software according to the instructions you end up with an error page when you try and access the site (No pages are found on the rootlevel!), but all “getting started” documentation requires the use of a ‘quickstart’ site which does not work with version 4.0 (the only version you can download from You get the impression, rightly or wrongly, that the project’s a bit disorganized…

America (the country) is in worse financial shape than anyone imagined.

GAO: US national liabilities now at 400% of GDP, in the best-case scenario. Basically it means that the United States is insolvent. Does international law have a Chapter 11?

He never calls, he never writes…

Mullah Omar says he hasn’t seen bin Laden for years. In related news, Mullah Omar seems to be keeping up with his email.