A turning point in the drug war?

Officers in botched raid plead guilty to manslaughter; reveal that evidence is planted on wounded or dead suspects routinely. If this sort of crime committed by police doesn’t cause a rethink in the US’s medieval drug laws, then I don’t know what will. Is keeping some people from putting stuff in their own bodies justification enough for turning law enforcement officers into criminals with badges?

Tony’s Tune of the Day for April 25th 2007.

Love Story by Shirley Bassey. I’ve been getting into lounge music quite a bit recently and this is a fine, fine piece (plus, the video is cute). The idea that I’m even plugging an Andy Williams tune sung by Shirley Bassey must be a sign that I’m getting old — and indeed I certainly feel that I’m getting older faster these days. Still, it’s not often these days that you hear a singer who really knows how to sing…

China and spam.

I always used to wonder why there was an option, in many spam engines, to block out any mail coming from China (the country). It didn’t seem to me like that big a deal, and anyway stuff coming from Russia seemed far more suspect to start with. Until this past week. You see, it appears that Chinese ISPs filter outgoing mail and harvest outgoing email addresses, selling the address lists to spammers.

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It’s, like, strike 30 against Sony now…

Sony DRM makes some of their DVDs unplayable on many DVD players. I’m starting to honestly think that there’s a guy who works at Sony whose job is to come up with new, innovative ways to anally rape the customer. Good thing I didn’t end up buying one of their defective-by-design Casino Royale DVDs — I was actually considering getting a copy, but I certain shall not do so now.

A trip from hell.

This is a special entry tonight for those who like to revel in the misery of others. Well, you lot can have a bloody good laugh at the predicament I’m in right now, because I think it reflects a whole new high in the science of achievements in the history of screw-ups. And possibly fraud as well. Fortunately I’m able to follow this very closely and essentially stop anything potentially really bad from happening, but right now the situation is so stupidly bad it’s getting funny, at least to my very exhausted mind.

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New York on Sunday.

Boy, I really know how to pick my weekends for travelling. It’s raining so hard in New York today that if you walk outside just for 5 minutes your clothes are completely soaked through with rain. For a walking-around kind of city like NYC, this means a really shitty day out. So, I’m paying $150 a day (just the hotel) for the priviledge of being soaked with New York rain instead of Montreal rain. I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth…