Captchas, done right.

Tired of brain-dead “retype what’s in the box above” captchas? Register for an account at the home of the Quantum Random Bit Generator to be quizzed on your knowledge of complex math equations instead! Note that you get a captcha of varying length and complexity every time.

From Hello Kitty to Hello Titty?

A new series of marketing characters is hitting the shops in Japan this year, and this is what they look like – Meet the Milk-chans. Breasts, five of them. Colors vary, but they appear to be all the same size, and in the tradition of Kogepan or Hello Kitty each character has its own personality. Don’t hesitate to visit the official Funwari Milk-chan web site for more bosomy cuteness in Japanese. Enjoy!

The spoils of failure.

Ousted Citigroup chief Prince will receive $12.5 million bonus for losing billions. That’s pretty good. I’m sure that if I were given the right kind of incentives I could lose even more than he’s managed to!

China photos update

I’ve been spending a lot of time reviewing and editing my photos from China (cropping, adjusting colors, etc.) and so I’ve removed the old photos that were on Facebook. I have replaced them with location-specific albums also on Facebook, but which are made up of higher-quality photos. Links to follow…

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State of the Canadian auto industry.

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A brief explanation of the recent decline of the USD.

I’m as surprised as anyone over the continued weakness of the US dollar. I thought the greenback would see some stabilization after reaching parity with the loonie but its value has continued tumbling and it’s now worth slightly less than $0.91 CAD. If you look over at Reddit there’s hardly a day that goes by nowadays without 2 or 3 new stories on the subject. Here’s how I see the current crisis. Continue reading “A brief explanation of the recent decline of the USD.”

This is the new kid on the big-kid block.

The most valuable company in the world. According to AP Petrochina is now worth over $1 Trillion. That’s one with 12 zeroes following. This estimate was calculated by adding the value of shares sold in Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York, and follows Petrochina’s IPO in the Chinese A-share market.