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Hello viewer! I am Tony A. Emond, and this is my blog.

A short bio

I was born in Hull, Quebec, moved to La Sarre in the Abitibi region of Quebec when I was very young, then to Quebec City for my more formative years, then to Ottawa for high school.

Eventually I returned to Quebec City, then attended Concordia University in Montreal where I obtained a B.A. in English.

At that time (1992-1995) I also became addicted to the internet, which has more or less ruled my existence since. I started making web pages in 1994. I don’t think too many people outside of universities knew that there was such a thing as the internet back then. Ah, the good old days… gopher, text-only web pages, USEnet, slow dial-up speeds, network-less gaming… wait, that sucked. Thank God for progress.

Shockingly I obtained employment soon after graduating with that Liberal arts degree as a technical writer for a Montreal software company. I continued accumulating experience in that field until 1999.

At that point I moved to the New York area, attracted by the glamor and bright lights. Everything went perfectly and I lived happily ever after. NOT! I may be a liberal arts graduate but I know enough about science to be able to tell that as an experiment it wasn’t successful, no it wasn’t successful at all, on all sorts of levels. Still, I didn’t end up in jail, nor did I manage to get addicted to anything bad except spending money, so ultimately there were lessons learned.

Since 2004 I have returned to Montreal where I currently live, and continue toiling in the IT industry.


Strangling animals, golf and masturbating. Oh no wait, those aren’t my interests (I’m not into golf at all!), it’s a line from a Monty Python skit (really, it is).

In reality I’m very much into reading, photography, swimming and computers (hardware & software). I can often be seen either online fragging away on one of the YKI Unreal Tournament 2004 servers (yes I’m THAT clevershark, I don’t think there are any others) or in real life around electronics shops in Montreal looking for new and exciting ways to waste money. I mean, my video card isn’t going to upgrade itself.

About clevershark

There’s surprisingly little to say about that. As a nick it’s sprung from the classic SNL skit of course, and I’ve been using it regularly since the late 90s. There are no other cleversharks around as far as I know, except for one “moreclevershark” on reddit (which I think may eventually become a nemesis, you never know), so either it’s really become attached to me personally to the point where people don’t dare transgress on what’s seen as my property, or I’ve made such an ass of myself online all these years that people are afraid of being associated with such a tool as myself. It could go either way, really.