Online banking FAIL

TFSAs are supposed to be easy to open, but as I found out today it seems terribly easy to screw the pooch. So to ING Direct — fix your registration software because it doesn’t work. There is nothing wrong with my social insurance number — I have used it to register as an employee, to files my taxes, and to open a few bank accounts already and it’s never been a problem before. Hell, I used it to open an RRSP using the ING web site before, yet now my application is rejected because of a problem validating my S.I.N., which hasn’t changed recently. Yeah, I could call and spend half an hour on the phone registering the account, but frankly do I really want to put some of my money into a bank that has no branches AND doesn’t do full QA on their own web software? I don’t think so. So, no linky for you.

Deutsche Bank: Merry Christmas renters! You’re now homeless!

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” more than being evicted from your apartment because your landlord got caught up in the subprime lending mess… at least that’s what Deutsche Bank clearly thinks, as they decide it’s absolutely necessary for a partially-blind pensioner to get the f… out of a building they’re trying to sell. Bonus: they “don’t see an upside” in explaining why that is so necessary, so they can’t be bothered.