On the other hand it does lead to late-night snacking and TV watching.

Scientific studies indicate that marijuana is not a so-called “gateway drug”, nor will it by itself lead to lung cancer. Another blow to the failed, faith-based drug policies of nearly all the world (except Holland).

Does this mean that just anyone can use the courts to implement their own extortion schemes?

EFF counsel explains the RIAA’s legal strategy. Remember, every penny you spend on big-label CDs helps these assholes, so let them know you won’t stand for their bullying tactics by not buying their crap.

It does in fact take over 35 Starbucks Grandes, or over 246 cans of Jolt Cola.

Death by Caffeine. Find out how many of your favorite caffeinated drink it would take before you died of coffee poisoning. Brought to you by people who probably have too much time on their hands.

Much-needed good news for the diabetic.