More documentaries…

Here’s what I’ve been looking at recently in my quest to seek out all the interesting documentaries on the web. Just three today, but they’re well worth it.

The first is a French (or Belgian?) documentary called Working Man’s Death, and which will show you what work means to the really poor workers of the world. Link goes to the first episode on Dailymotion. A note of warning here: if you’re at all disgusted by the sight of blood or of cattle slaughtering operations, you may want to skip the Nigeria episode, which is shown between the “sulphur mining” and the “ship scrapyard” episodes. If you’ve ever thought your job was bad, check this out, you’ll never complain about being “bored at work” again.

Then there’s House of Saud (LGT the first part of 13, see the “related links” for the rest). It’s a PBS Frontline documentary on the rise of Saudi Arabia and its special relationship with the United States.

Megacities: Taipei is a look at the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, and especially at the Taipei 101 building and the way its design addresses the many issues inherent in its location. Quite neat, and it’s a bit of a showcase for Taipei as a city to visit.

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