Should I drop BBC Canada?

I’ve had BBC Canada in my channel lineup for the past year, but it may be time for it to go.

The problem is the reason why I signed up for the channel in the first place, Top Gear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good car show and great fun to watch, but frankly I’ve already seen all the shows they seem to have. Several times, in fact. It’s kind of galling that they should bombard their viewers with endless repeats of “Best of” compilations when the adverts they put between shows continuously promise “all new episodes every weekend.” If you can’t deliver on that, at least stop running those ads.

Alarmingly enough, there seems to be only one passing reference to the show on their web site, and it says absolutely nothing about their possibly showing actual all new episodes anytime soon.

In fact I wrote them an email asking when/whether there would be new episodes, and they apparently can’t be bothered to respond. That’s quite disappointing.

The thing is, I don’t particularly fancy the rest of their lineup. Little Britain is fun for about 3 episodes, and then it’s just more of the same. The Thin Blue Line played several years ago on PBS. I’m not a big fan of period dramas, either; and if I like to hear a chef swearing up a storm and abusing the help I’m sure a friend of mine could sneak me into an actual commercial kitchen where I could see and hear the real thing live. They have good spy-type shows on Friday nights, but, well, they’re on Friday nights, so I tend to miss them.

So if anyone knows anything about the return of new episodes of Top Gear on BBC Canada let me know, because the channel’s directors aren’t saying bugger all about it. Otherwise I’ll spend my dosh on another channel that’s a little more appreciative of its audience.


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