As little Timmy’s eyes closed he hugged his teddy bear closer and realized that he had finally come to love Big Brother.

Wireless TeddyCam. It’s only a shame that they stopped the idea short; combine this thing with a wifi transmitter in the (plugged-in) base station and you have some fantastic potential for major perv flicks.

It’s easy for Microsoft to look good on paper. In the real world it’s a tougher challenge.

Microsoft manages to look good by using license terms to suppress negative reports about its products. You’re free to review the product… if you reach a conclusion that’s been approved by marketing! Think about that the next time someone makes you read some bullshit fawning ‘review’ that concludes that Windows has a lower TCO than Linux.

At least it’s not crap-brown…

Apple TV as much of a dud as the Microsoft Zune. Apparently both products are as poorly-conceived and half-assed in execution. Still the Apple TV does make an elegant sushi platter! In fact it’s so poorly-marketed and under-hyped that I was under the impression it wasn’t available yet. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer before someone gives me a reason to switch on the TV again.