Advice for system builders

If you’re decided to take the plunge and buy a bunch of parts to build a new computer system, good for you! It’s the only sane way to get the best PC out there. Just keep in mind that SLI != Crossfire, and that your choice of motherboard has consequences in what kind of video card setup will work for you. I have a commercial account with my parts provider and my rep was able to straighten things out quickly, but it’s still best to avoid making the mistake in the first place!

I’m sure these people know what they’re doing!

Today I received an email from ThinkEnergyGroup that had this in the subject line:
“5 secrets for Writer’s to Earn More Money”.

They may have the “secrets” part down, but something tells me that they’re not quite that up on the “writing” part. A mistake like that happens all the time on blogs and forums, but when it comes to official marketing and other official documents it leaves one looking careless and foolish.

When you put it like that…

The Coincidence Theorist’s Guide to 9/11. Everyone knows that such an unlikely convergence of factors and events must absolutely and without fail be due to pure, unintentional dumb luck.

Online gaming just hit a new low, apparently.

World of Warcraft player assaulted in home, computer vandalized by sore loser’s husband. Seriously, this is pretty sad, but then it appears that the victim made an ass of himself AND gave the loser player his home address, so it’s pretty safe to say that no MENSA members were hurt in the incident. That said, WoW really does seem to bring out the very worst in people.