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A very underrated movie

In the past weekend I’ve had a chance to look at a few movies, not the least of which was Caligula with Malcolm McDowell. This is a film that caused much scandal when it first came out because, well, it contains a lot of pornography. It’s not in itself a porn flick, but there’s a lot of porn in the background. And that is clearly something that many film critics, despite being grown men, simply can’t deal with; as such the movie was panned, and Roger Ebert (who himself wrote the screenplay for a near-porn Russ Meyer flick) opens his “review” of the film by calling it “sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash”. I put “review” in quotes because he says he walked out of the movie, so whereas I generally really respect him as a critic it’s hard to respect this particular review. Especially given that he couldn’t be possibly be more wrong in his stated opinion. Caligula is, in fact, a good movie, a worthy cinematic effort at bringing classical theatre into the world of 1980, but in a sense it was a couple of decades ahead of its time — or is it a couple of millenia past its time?

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Doing it wrong, and doing it right

Apparently the Cons in Ottawa have voted in a sweeping so-called “anti-terrorism” law by which the government gives itself broad powers to make anything and everything illegal if they don’t like it, and also get us to pay for being spied on constantly.

This is supposed to be in response to an incident last year when a man who was known to have mental health issues and had failed to receive help in tackling said issues (despite trying) killed the sentry posted at the War Memorial before heading into the basically undefended Parliament building before being shot by the Sergeant-at-Arms. In passing it should surprise no one that this government is essentially letting mental illness dictate our laws. After all the famously paranoid Stephen Harper has been our Prime Minister for years now.

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A blatant case of false advertising

At my local grocery store today I saw a full-wall display of Molson Exel on sale with a sign that said “Great Buy”. No. It isn’t. No matter how much it’s discounted “Molson Exel” and “great buy” should never appear in the same sentence.

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So last week I get an advertisement email from advising me that the “.SPACE” TLD is now available for pre-registration. I own a number of domains, I’ve been acquiring them over several years, and I know that pretty much the only way to get a decent one is to jump on these opportunities as soon as they appear.

Despite having had nothing but problems with that registrar (they bought out a registrar I once used but which since went out of business) I went on their site, found two domain names that had great potential but were apparently not yet registered — and — and registered them. Payment was taken, I got an account created on, so now all I had to do was wait for the TLD to go live, right? I mean that’s how domain registrations usually go.

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Banking with a sense of humour

Today I must applaud the Royal Bank of Canada for its great sense of humour.

The short story behind this – I used to have a company, which has been inactive for over a year. It doesn’t have any assets anymore and is effectively no longer in operation, but for tax reasons has not yet been officially closed. The company has received a tax refund for 2013 which has of course been issued in the company’s name. This is a bit of an issue as said company no longer has a bank account. Since its last account had been at RBC I headed there to find out if the cheque could be cashed.

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Quick update on my recent server woes

Apparently I’ve been unduly blaming WordPress for my server problems. After investigating the use of Drupal — which I may yet use going forward — I found that my problem had more to do with fastcgi, PHP-FPM and nginx than it did with WordPress. So I’ve reverted the server to Apache and things are running in a relatively stable way, although I still have some availability issues on the administration side only. This is pretty strange.

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Stuck in WordPress Hell

After a lengthy silence I wanted to get a new long-form article out entitled “Thanksgiving is terrible” last week, but the admin interface of wordpress seems hopelessly broken for this site, confining me to use the feature-sparse “Quick Draft” form on the Dashboard… guess I’ll have to sit on the Thanksgiving piece until next year. Anyway I just might switch the whole shebang over to Drupal so I can start actually using my blog again. I will be returning soon.

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Hold it! Next man makes a move and the banker gets it!

No sooner are the rumors of investment bank prosecutions spreading that Wall Street criminals are threatening to blow up the economy in retaliation. I don’t know about you but I think the economy can do without a cabal of parasites using virtually endless amounts of capital to raise the price of commodities for their own profit…

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New site feature!

Inspired by the work I did on the web site for my marriage (, I decided to go ahead and add Facebook and Google+ login for this site. This means that you don’t need to create a new account on this site in order to leave comments, you can just use your Facebook or Google account instead. Ironically I’ve implemented this mostly as I am minimizing my use of Facebook and other social networks, as I have little access to those from my computer at work.

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Can’t make up your mind? Then don’t!

Where The Fuck Should I Go To Eat, a web site that rudely suggests restaurants.

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