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Hold it! Next man makes a move and the banker gets it!

No sooner are the rumors of investment bank prosecutions spreading that Wall Street criminals are threatening to blow up the economy in retaliation. I don’t know about you but I think the economy can do without a cabal of parasites using virtually endless amounts of capital to raise the price of commodities for their own profit…

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New site feature!

Inspired by the work I did on the web site for my marriage (, I decided to go ahead and add Facebook and Google+ login for this site. This means that you don’t need to create a new account on this site in order to leave comments, you can just use your Facebook or Google account instead. Ironically I’ve implemented this mostly as I am minimizing my use of Facebook and other social networks, as I have little access to those from my computer at work.

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Can’t make up your mind? Then don’t!

Where The Fuck Should I Go To Eat, a web site that rudely suggests restaurants.

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What can brown do for you?

If carpenters were hired like programmers. As someone who’s interviewed for tech positions fairly often, I had to shake my head while reading this, because that’s a great analogy.

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So considerate!

Fox News reports that Maya Angelou cancelled an upcoming appearance in Houston following her own death. One could only hope that all stars took the time to give people post-mortem notices!

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What a long, strange trip it’s been!

I notice that my last post before the reboot goes all the way back to August 2012. Practically an eternity. So, I will do a brief recap of what’s happened since then, because my life now has so little resemblance to my life then that the reader may profit from it.

1- BURN! In early September 2012 I, through my own drunken fault, happened to fall into a bonfire while celebrating labor day. Normally this is something that really doesn’t have much in the way of consequences, but since it had been a warm day I was wearing shorts. My left calf made direct contact with a log that was smoldering. As a result of this I ended up spending almost two weeks in the burns unit of Hotel-Dieu hospital and receiving a skin graft.

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An open letter to the NSLSC in Ontario

Hi there.

This letter is not about myself. I do not have any student loans outstanding, mostly owing to the dubious fortune that my father died shortly before I entered university and his life insurance settlement covered my various needs while I was studying. And I was no longer a resident of Ontario by this point anyway. Thus I am writing about someone else, who shall remain unnamed in this letter.

So my friend, clearly, has student loans from your organization. She holds a PhD and so her debt level is rather high. She is also a single mother and thus responsible for getting her kid housed, fed, clothed, and put in day care so that she can go out and work everyday to earn a living. She has been fairly successful in the academic world and is a professor at a university.

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The new diet that has Halifax abuzz!

Are you overweight? Tired of the “miracle food of the week” and pain-in-the-ass exercise? Sick of eating so-called “healthy” foods? Studies show that people who lose weight through diets just go on to gain it all back soon after. There’s got to be a better way!

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Orange with impatience

Had to call ING Direct earlier,  was on hold for 25 of the 30 minutes the call lasted… I guess they really *are* becoming more like a real bank all the time :-(

It’s especially annoying given that I was calling from my mobile.

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An experiment in cryptocoin mining

Cryptocoin mining is something I’ve been interested in for some time. First there was the daddy of cryptocoins, Bitcoin; since the BTC’s popularity rose there have been many offshoots. The most notable of those is Litecoin, but there are pretty much as many alternatives (dogecoin, pandacoin, PPC PEERcoin, etc.).

For two months I started an experiment in mining Litecoin (LTC). Why LTC and not BTC? The answer to this is simple — BTC mining with GPUs in 2014 is like fishing with a rod right behind a fishing boat with a trawler net. It’s pointless. The past year or so has seen the appearance in the mining market of machines that are designed to do nothing but mine BTC. Such machines, called ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) are built to “mine” BTC far more efficiently and using a fraction of the power of a “traditional” mining PC, which still uses parts designed for general computing. ASICs are available that promise 35GH/s of computing power for 500W, while a similar amount of power on a PC+GPU setup will yield 2GH/s at the most, and that’s using top-of-the-line, expensive GPUs. GPU mining for BTC at this point in time is little more than pissing in the ocean. You’ll spend a lot of money on electricity and get virtually nothing in return. What’s more, the ASICs have also made the increase in difficulty level skyrocket so that the return on investment is continually shrinking. Even for ASICs, which are getting cheaper, the break-even point is tending towards infinity, which means that you won’t recover the money you spent on the mining hardware. So, forget that.

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