This one kinda hit me hard

Eve definitely has a point here… for reference purposes, the photo is from a live event that was lavishly advertised with AI-generated imagery and scripting, but which was so cheaply and shabbily run that people actually called *the police*, which came and put a stop to the “show”.

Spirit of the 2020s... that poor girl is illustrating it.

Maybe AI isn’t ready to take over the world yet

Shared today on BlueSky — apparently this is the result of asking ChatGPT to illustrate what its core values are. So, there’s probably not much cause to be worried that ChatGPT is going to steal your job, because most jobs out there require communicating in, well, *a* language, and not some weird babble invented by randomly throwing syllables together.

ChatGPT values: weird icons with gibberish captions.

Dress for the job you want!

I wonder if he ended up getting the job! (via BlueSky)Police recruitment with a leather enthusiast

The only right take on Trump’s shoes.

Trump shoes are clown shoes

Honestly who the f*#& is going to wear that in public?

The footwear world was stunned today at the announcement that Donald Trump is now making self-branded  clown shoes.   Have a look, they really look even worse than you think they will.

Trump launches a sneaker line (NBC News)

This is why I don’t fly Suspiria Airlines.

This week’s weird aviation episode involves… maggots. I kid you not.

Delta flight forced back to Amsterdam after maggots fall onto passenger (CNN)

Scandal! At the Hugos

This year’s biggest scandal doesn’t involve anyone named “Trump” for once. The 2023 Hugo Awards has been hit with such strong and well-documented allegations of vote fraud and vote rigging that many prominent sci-fi authors are questioning whether that organization will be able to survive at all going forward.

Check it out the whole story here (

Another web find, Valentine’s Day edition

How bad is the US health care “system” that it’s pretty much become a meme?

Valentine Day Fantasy

Internet find of the day

This sign makes me want to open this very store in my city…

Knobs & Knockers Decorative Hardware

A little something I threw together today…