The Hypocrite Party of Canada

The Hypocrite Party of Canada (formerly known as the Conservative Party of Canada) has been clutching its pearls since yesterday about a tweet by Dale Smith that referred to Pipsqueak’s speech saying “when a horse is that lame you shoot it”.  By being willfully obtuse the Hypocrites are shouting from the rooftops that Smith “threatened violence on an MP”, which doesn’t nearly pass the laugh test, and want Smith to be expelled from the press gallery.

It’s funny, I can’t recall that much outrage back in 2019, when a Tory Senator spoke to a group of protesting truckers and told them to “roll over every Liberal left in the country”.  The name of the Senator is David Tkachuk, and this was actually reported at the time:

And Senator Tkachuk double down when he was asked to apologize:

There is no record of the Hypocrite Party of Canada ever taking any measure in response to this, or even issuing any kind of statement whatsoever to put pressure on the Senator.

If the Hypocrite Party of Canada want to play this game, we’ve got receipts.

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