This is the weirdest video I’ve seen in at least a couple of days.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what this video is. You have to see it for yourself.

Some things you just can’t buy. For everything else there’s — the US version, not the scaled-down imitation you get in other parts of the world including Canada — is a pretty wonderful store, and although they’re famous as booksellers they’ll sell most anything. Including, and I did a double-take when I saw it, an artificial insemination kit for your pet. Now I’m not a pet owner or a pet expert, but really, shouldn’t you go to your veterinarian for this sort of thing?!?

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” -Kettering

Engineers rarely make good graphic artists, as graphic artists rarely make good engineers. Rarely is this truism better illustrated than in this poster for the Manchester Metroshuttle entitled “Making the City Work Together”.

If only there had been some way for them to kind of foretell the future…

The Astrological Magazine was forced to stop publication in December 2007 due to “unforeseen circumstances”. I guess they just didn’t see that one coming…

“This is not the target market” -Mitch Hedberg

This morning I noticed a message entitled “Happy birthday Windows Vista” in my inbox. The message was in French but the subject line was still in English, which kinda hints at the idea that Microsoft “doesn’t get” Canada’s bilingualism, but that’s nit-picky of me… the message offers me a 2-for-1 on Vista Ultimate upgrades. If I buy one, I get a second one free.

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Just think of the money you’ll save shopping around for funeral arrangements!

Ever wondered how much longer you have to live? Head to the Death Clock and wonder no more. I’d love to tell you more about this but according to it I’ve been dead for over three years already!

And the Janus prize for two-facedness goes to…

Pretty much everyone likes to speed a little sometimes. With a nice car and a nice bit of road, a decent driver will feel the beckoning and put his foot down a little. Of course sometimes some berk overdoes it and ruins it for everybody. He’s speed-camera happy Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police Meredydd Hughes, he’s prone to rant at speeders, and he got caught going 90mph in a 60mph zone. And now he’s lost his license.

Evidently I know much less than I thought about Judaism!

Nothing says “Happy Hannukah” more than a traditional… ham? Surprisingly that photo was taken at Balducci’s in New York.

My credit card bills suddenly look insignificant.

Many people wonder about the extent of the subprime lending crisis in the US. I hope this man’s case is not typical! He got a letter from Wachovia Bank telling him he owed over $211 trillion dollars. Now I know that for years banks have been extending too much credit, but that’s just ridiculous!