A note to everyone at Paypal

Dante described the very worst of the bottom rung of hell as “All of the sinners punished within are completely encapsulated in ice, distorted in all conceivable positions”. Yet in my view that is still not as bad as trying to deal with an issue with my Paypal account. Now I have to write the people from whom I have attempted to purchase things today and explain to them what’s happening, and it won’t be kind to paypal. Seriously, how much easier does commerce get? I’m a customer who wants to buy a product which is legal, and there’s a seller who wants to sell it to me. Somehow you managed to utterly bugger it up now. The words “piss-up” and “brewery” spring immediately to mind.

So apologies to the following: Nicole Leibman, Discount Golf, irina cristobal, Rare Posters Dba Art Wise and AwesomeTreats. Paypal has decided to hijack the money in mid-payment. That’s what you get for making the mistake of trusting them.

The SomethingAwful Experience

1. Be in the middle of an interesting thread about creepy things you have read online.

2. Write up a long and meaningful post with many outside references that illustrate a salient point.

3. ..?

4. When you try to submit said post, you find that you’re on probation. For something you wrote over 24 hours ago but which some admintwat suddenly decided was probatable.

You know what, SA? Fuck you. I could hold on to my post for a couple of days and post it then, but no. That would be like casting pearls before swine at this point.