Talk about fiddling while Rome burned!

Bank of America executives have recently expressed shock at the bad state of recent acquisition Merrill Lynch. Maybe they would not be so surprised if they had considered Lynch CEO John Thain’s $1.22M renovation bill for his office last year, which featured an $87,000 rug and $15,000 sofa — even as he cut expenses for

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Are we about to witness life as a disaster-porn TV special?

Not that people should panic or anything, but there has recently been a large cluster of seismic activity around Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. And Yellowstone is already known to be a supervolcano which is overdue for an eruption by about 40,000 years.

0 and 16.

I don’t really follow American football, but even I was waiting to see the results of the Detroit-Green Bay game on Sunday. Rather predictably the Lions dropped this one, ending up with 0 points for the season with a 0-16 record which officially makes them the worst team in the history of the NFL. No

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You can’t spell “prorogue” without “rogue”, can you?

It’s official! Rather than holding his head up high Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the coward’s way out of next Monday’s planned non-confidence vote in the House of Commons by suspending Parliament until the new year (known as “prorogation”). Congrats Stephen, you’ve saved your own worthless hide for a few weeks by declaring a stop

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The video link trends continue with some rally racing.

If you’ve got a couple of hours to kill why not watch Too Fast to Race? It covers the history of Group B, which is in my mind the best and most bad-ass car racing series the world has ever seen, and (most likely) will ever see. Link goes to part 1, look in the

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What do you mean, “becoming”?

CBC’s Search Engine asks, “Is Canada Becoming a Digital Ghetto?“. Canadians reply, “hasn’t it always been one?”

A TV show for non-TV watchers!

Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe is a show that takes a look at TV with a humorous, foul-mouthed critic’s eye… like someone watching the tube so you don’t have do, which is great for someone like myself. Link goes to the first episode, follow the Youtube links from there…

A surprisingly insightful documentary

While checking out documentaries on the web recently I came across this brilliant one. It’s a documentary produced by Adam Curtis (of The Power of Nightmares fame) for the BBC called The Trap. It’s about “freedom” in our modern times, but it has even more important undertones (in my opinion) dealing with the individual’s “self”

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And the Canadian consumer takes it in the shorts again.

We Canadians get the short shrift on just about everything, be it mobile phone services, or cars, but now someone’s come up with a comparison of broadband internet providers that shows just how much we’re getting screwed here north of the 49th parallel.

That’s economic crisis porn for ya.

Those of us who have lost a bit of cash on the market recently can take a little schadenfreude-based relief in this site, whose name says it all: Sad Guys on Trading Floors. Featuring pictures of, you guessed it, sad guys on trading floors.